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Welcome to Beating Adversity!
I have a simple three-step philosophy in life. And I want to share it with you. This philosophy helps me conquer every obstacle I face. This is how I, beat adversity.
Learn. I research without over-complicating things.
Achieve.  Then, I execute. Quickly.
Prosper. Finally, I reap the benefits. Often rinsing and repeating when necessary.
Whether it’s personal finance, your career, or self-development, I like to figure things out and truck forward.

Many people do not internalize this concept. So, they just let time fly and do nothing.
My goal is to keep everything simple and actionable for you.
A little about me (story)
In my early 20’s, I was directionless. Clueless.
I graduated college with over $100k in debt.
I was fortunate to land a job that paid a whopping $30/year (sarcasm). I was making money, but I was also spending it as soon as it came in. I was oblivious to where it was going.
I had no systems setup. I had no goal.
Eventually, I realized to get the most out of life, I needed to tackle the difficult things. The less desirable stuff. As I’ve matured, I learned that education is the most important asset that mankind has to offer.
I quickly erased my $100k of debt with a few years. I began reading everything I could touch. And proactively educating myself. This caused my career to make off. Within 4 years, I now have a 6-figure job in management, with people double my age reporting to me.
I did all of this my way, often shunning the old-fashioned pieces of advice out there. And I want to share my journey with you!